Mazda Supporting ‘Trees That Count’ Reach 1,000,000


Mazda New Zealand Helps Trees That Count Reach One Million Trees

Mazda New Zealand is thrilled to assist Trees That Count reach the fantastic milestone of one million trees donated.

Since 2018, Mazda have been supporting Trees That Count and to date have funded over 122,500 trees to be the number one funder.

What began as a Christmas gift on behalf of our customers has now grown to funding five native trees for every new Mazda sold in New Zealand.

David Hodge, Managing Director Mazda New Zealand, said “The company has always been an ardent supporter of conservation projects across New Zealand. It is great to see the wide variety of projects we have been able to support through our partnership with Trees That Count.”

Some of the planters that have received Mazda funded trees include The Native Forest Restoration Trust, Te Roroa-Te Toa Whenua and Trees for Survival. Their aims are to restore native trees, forests and wetlands that will encourage the return of wildlife and ensure that future generations can enjoy interacting with wildlife in their natural environment.

The owners of Cassies Farm and Turihaua Station have planted trees as part of their plans to improve the water quality of streams and waterways that traverse their farms so that native fish, eel, and other wildlife will return.

Cassies Farm

“We are delighted to be able to be part of the difference that Trees That Count are making for New Zealanders and the long-term positive impact it will have for future generations,” said Hodge.

Melanie Seyfort, Head of Partnerships and Marketing Trees That Count, believes Mazda New Zealand is a great example of what a partnership between the public and private sector can achieve.

“They have been so enthusiastic about Trees That Count and without their support and that of other companies we would not have achieved this milestone.”


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