Continuing NZ 4×4 Actions development, NZ 4x4actionadventure.com brings the “ideals” of the original newsprint style magazine into a new era of online publication.

This new format opens up the potential of a degree of immediacy and personalisation never before available in the world of publishing, and is something our small team is developing as we go.

JR’s history goes back as far as the first Isuzu owner in the NZ4WDAssn, partaking in the first ever North Island Coast to Coast Safari, one of the last of the legendary SI Coast to Coasts, and was part of the team that established the Motu Safari.

Dena is a bit of a newbie to this 4×4 scene, but has taken to it like a duck to water, and is happiest behind the wheel of the company Jeep, (or brand new test drive Ute). As a part time rural School Bus driver, and experienced Ambo, she’s keen to take on anything.

Her big goal is to experience a ride in all the Offroad classes we cover!! UPDATE – Thanks to Kurt for the blast in the D-Class buggy after the summer TR. She is behind the new design of the website, another skill picked up “on the fly” as we developed our new look, often using her own photos to illustrate JR’s words.

Right from the days of the paper version of 4×4 Action, Murray Taylor shared his overlanding experiences, and his Silk Road adventure have been brought into the International section of the website. Many of the Adventure section’s Safari reports are also seen through Murray’s keyboard and lens.

But some of our most spectacular images are the work of Sam Bolton,
photographer of the National Trials series, who has mastered the art of “right place at the right time” and enthusiastically allows us access to her event albums.

Also Kaye Hobart who’s personal involvement in the Trials and TR competitions, brings an understanding of the personalities out there, and a uniqueness to her photos. Kaye also happily opens up her albums for us to share after each round.

Freed from the space restrictions of the print media, our new high tech Galleries that accompany feature stories are often interspersed with images contributed by enthusiastic sideline snappers, both amateur and professional, who just want to support the sports they love.
Without these people, we couldn’t do this!

So that’s us, just out there travelling the country with Jess, the caravan cat, and Mr Grumpy, probably the worlds most travelled Burkes Parakeet, bringing our experience of New Zealands 4WD world to you.

John Reid (JR) (Author/Publisher)
Dena Plumridge (Photographer/Publisher)
Mr Grumpy