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Over the last months, each of our Feature story Facebook posts reached on average 9000 New Zealanders, mostly active offroaders themselves.
4 features per month = over 35,000 potential views of your $250.00 advertisement – and a click through to your website, YouTube clip or your own Facebook pages. Plus, the smaller Paid Content, Test Drives, Club Trips, etc, that we post, attract their own audiences.

The 4×4 action adventure. com Jeep sharing the adventure, getting the story on Mt Pisgah, Central Otago, S Island.

It gets better – your ad is on whatever page the reader lands on, right there in front of them. Then as they read further, it’s on every page they go to – beside or below the story. And that story could even be about your business – with more links.
Why are we so popular in this digital age? Because we are out there, among the action and adventures, and we provide the best coverage: Competitor interviews, links to places of interest, historical sites, and photo galleries. The full story, all in one place.
Amongst the action in the Pits from our mobile office at a National 4×4 Trials Round, near Ohingaiti, Central N Island.

Working from home (or the caravan!) is what we do anyway. Before lockdown, we were in the deep South covering a 5-day Maniototo High Country Fundraiser Safari. We’ve been out in Minginui helping open up a new access route for Search and Rescue, we’ve been to the latest Trials and Offroad Racing events, and we still have the final round of the Mainland Winch Series to publish.
Content is king, and now with so many events postponed, we have an even keener audience, looking for our stories to feed their offroad appetites. That’s why our readership continues to grow.
As the country gets back to work, now could be a great time to invest in a bit of exposure, to remind people of who you are, what you do, and why they should buy from you.
We are not talking about thousands of dollars either. Talk to me now about how such a small investment can give you the type of value for money, and exposure, that has never been available in NZ, until now.
For Media Kit, Contacts and Rates click here
John Reid

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