Broadlands School 4×4 Fundraiser Fun Day

G’day, it’s me, Baby Lux aka Muddy Truck. I had an awesome day out on Sunday. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the driver, the Navi and I tootled on out to Tiverton Downs.

About sixty 4x4s lined up for the start of the Broadlands School Fundraiser event. Participants were welcomed by the lovely ladies at the registration tent as they arrived.

Before long we were divided into teams of eight to ten vehicles with a Taupo 4WD Club vehicle in the lead and another as Tail End Charlie. Woohoo — I got to be Tail End Charlie!

Each team was sent off at ten-minute intervals to put a bit of time and space between them. It didn’t matter that during the course of the event some teams converged on one area all at once. In fact, it made things more interesting because there was more to watch!

Our team cruised off over the paddocks and around a corner where we stopped for a driver’s briefing and question answering time… then we were off like a robber’s dog, with four-wheel drive engaged and second low selected we ambled uphill and down dale all over the farm.

One of our team members was a first-time lady driver.  “Better watch out for her,” I thought to myself.  How wrong I was. She drove the whole course without incident or providing any course for alarm. There was plenty of assistance available for her and a few times she was talked through a gnarly bit. Well done Louise, we are all proud of you and your achievement on the day. 

Some well-organised play areas were a welcome attraction during the day. 

There were muddy puddles to drive through at your leisure, slow or fast depending on how adventurous the drivers were. There were hill climbs and steep descents for anyone who wanted to give them a go. Gullies and boggy mud plugs were also on the list. 

The driver respected my wishes and didn’t drive me through any of the muddy waters when we came to them. (After all, this was a Shiny trip and I wanted to stay that way.) I was torn between not entering the goop and giving it a go especially when I saw the others having fun. Anyway, I stuck to my guns and enjoyed being a spectator at those obstacles. The hill climbs were fun. I managed all of them, even the one that the flash fancy Jeep and most others couldn’t do.

At each of these obstacles and at other slightly more difficult parts of the track there were easier alternative routes for those who choose to use them. The course was well marked out so no one could get lost.

Lunchtime was at an enjoyable location. There were views of the surrounding countryside to be had while enjoying a picnic in the great outdoors. There was also some entertainment provided by the buggies and other 4x4s driving around in the mud plug which was at the lunch stop.

The drive was over by about 2.30 pm and that was perfect timing. Everyone relocated to the River Road Hall where there was a sausage sizzle and fizzy drink for those who wanted it. All I wanted was some air in my tyres so I could get the driver and the Navi home safely.

A prize giving was held during the gathering. There were a lot of smiley faced people with something special to take home with them as a memento of the event.

This event ran like a well-oiled machine. The organisers, Jamie and Tracy from Broadlands School, along with their team of willing helpers and the Taupo Four Wheel Drive Club all worked together, putting in a lot of time and effort to produce an event that ran smoothly all day.  Well done everyone.

The Driver, the Navi and I will look forward to the next big day out at Tiverton Downs.

Story by Jenni Wilton

See more images from the trip in the gallery below.

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