Speed is King! Off-Road Racing can generally be broken into two divisions, short track stadium style sprint events, and longer “open course” endurance races of up to 500 km at forest and farm venues.
Rather than the extreme stages the Trials and Winch Challenge competitors face, Off-Road racing is more about rough tracks, with Short Track courses including purpose built jumps and other challenges.
Enduros can be based around a circuit, with the course being extended out into the surrounding farmland or forestry, but many are run on a temporary course set up specifically for the event. The isolation of these events see a weekend tent city appear for the weekend.
Most competitors race in both types of event, and the National Championship Series is made up of a combination of both.
Entrants are divided into a number of classes ranging from big V8 powered buggies and trucks, to diminutive four cylinder buggies, and modified production 4WD’s and Utes.
Between these two extremes sit the smaller, often locally built buggies, which with their greater balance and nimbleness regularly take the honours away from their bigger, more fancied opposition.