Although you rarely see a new SUV, Ute, or even a full blooded 4WD out on the trails, many appear in the more remote camp sites carrying families and tents, or towing the growing number of camper trailers or adventure caravans appearing on our roads.
Unlike most motoring journalists, this is our territory, and we do our very best to get the vehicles down and dirty in an environment they perform much better in than in most of their owner’s wildest dreams.
With the four door Japanese Ute having transformed the NZ caravan scene, we are more than happy to hook our 6m Aussie Back Road Regent on the back, and end up in 4WD somewhere, fronting up to report on a trial or winch challenge way off the beaten track.
A very different perspective.
And every one knows the best parts of New Zealand are at the end of the worst roads, so if we can motivate an owner to take their new CX-5 or Outlander off the tar seal, then we reckon we have done our job.
Unless it is really exceptional, you wont find us talking too much about the interior colour scheme, but more about the all wheel drive tech, and how many kids and tents you can get in the back.