The public face of 4WD competition, everyone who has ever engaged Low4 needs to watch at least one round of a NZ Trials series.
Once televised extensively, and still appearing on the big screen courtesy of the Cowper Trucks/ Suzuki Extreme event, many people regard this as the pinnacle of off-roading in NZ, but most in the Winch Challenge community would disagree.
Big motors, big horsepower, big hills, big tyres, and big crashes – a live event delivers an experience TV can never fully match.
The concept is simple: a series of seemingly impossible challenges, and the team that gets the furtherest through each of them wins the round, and the team that gets the highest places through the series wins the championship.
With individual wheel brakes operated by the navigator, 4 wheel steering, tuneable engine computers, driver, navigator and vehicle really have to come together on the day!