Cozzie Club Takes a Magical Mystery Tour in the Waikato Back Country

The Cozzie Club and friends recently headed deep into the Waikato to pay a visit to the World’s largest Totara tree, Pouakani.

A wintery Saturday saw a large group of Cozzie Club members along with family and friends meet in Cambridge for a day of 4×4 mystery touring around the South Waikato’s backcountry roads.

Sixteen vehicles turned out for another of the Cozzie club’s “shiny trips” — trips are designed to suit any normal road going four wheel drive and have an emphasis on sightseeing. There is more emphasis placed on taking the road less travelled whilst still having fun in the great outdoors and are also a great introduction to people wishing to take the first steps into four-wheel driving.

After greeting old and new friends we made our way out the back of Cambridge, through Rotorangi taking the back roads, some of which were metal with amazing views through the winter’s fog and mist.

Stopping either side of one of the countries highest bridges (with very low railings!) everyone piled out of the vehicles to marvel at the spectacular scenery and views from the bridge, before carrying on towards the Pureora Forest.

We found ourselves exploring some interesting roads and testing the limits of some of the more road going vehicles through fords, washouts and small muddy sections.

The next leg of the journey led us on a short bush walk to visit the World’s largest Totara tree, Pouakani. This massive tree is well hidden away in the Pureora Forrest and a spectacular sight on a rainy winters day for our group. The Totara is thought to be around 1800 years old and dates back to the Pureora districts last volcanic eruption.

Trips such as this are one of the reasons I love four-wheeling. The sport is more than mud holes and winching, it’s about the love of the outdoors and seeing more of what our unique country has to offer.

From the Pouakani Totara tree, we carried on to the geographical centre of the North Island which found us once more parking our vehicles and taking to foot for a short walk to find the monument denoting the islands centre, which provided great photo opportunities for our group.

Next stop on the trip was to see an amazing Caterpillar 2Tonne Bulldozer from the 1920s, hidden in the bush where it had come to its final resting place. The more mechanically inclined in the group spent some time speculating how it came to its demise and working out what was what on the mini dozer.

By now we were rapidly running out of daylight and some of the group said their goodbyes and headed for home whilst the remainder of us made the trek on to Rotorua for an enjoyable meal and drinks together.

All in all a great day, lots of fun with amazing people and the amazing Cozzie Club. A really well organised trip by Dave and Lynda – thanks everyone for coming along.

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