Look under most of the top American off-road racers, and some of the most common things you are going to see are FK Rod Ends and Ball Joints. And FK hardware dominates in their Rock Bouncers, and Ultra 4 weapons as well.


Across the Tasman, FK is what you will find as the suspension and steering hardware of choice for most of Australia’s top racers as well.

The same FK technology is used exclusively throughout Tony McCalls game-changing Class 1 Off-Road Racer, supplied in NZ by the FPP Speedshop in Auckland.

“The car was built with FPP’s catalogue open beside it,” says McCall, “if Roger could supply it, we used it”, he added, referring to FPP manager Roger McGarry.

“From front to back, steering ball joints, to fuel pumps, it’s all from FPP. They have so much in stock, and it’s always there when we need it”.

FPP not only carry over 100 lines of FK parts, but they have an off-road racing expert managing the brand. Edgar Saltwelger was part of the Hunter Racing crew that won the Australian Class 8 champs five years in a row, gaining massive set-up and application experience.

McGarry claims there is no one in NZ that knows off-road suspension parts like Edgar.

From a practical application, the chassis builders, speedway Icons Buckley Systems were able to use items like the FK High Misalignment Bushes to gain the maximum travel available from the suspension setup.

Manufactured by a division of the Fragola Family operation, all FK parts are produced in their Southington, Connecticut plant in the US. The company prides itself in “having the largest ready to ship inventory in the industry”, to back up FPPs extensive range.

They also back-up FPPs racing commitment, “we showcase our commitment to racing, as there are few applications that abuse products like the racers do, and we enjoy being in the Winners Circle with our FK teams”.

From FPPs point of view, the relationship with McCall racing was a no brainer. According to McGarry it was clear, “Tony’s car was built with only one purpose in mind, to win!”

As well as the expected steering ball joints and suspension rod ends, the McCall car is a high-speed showroom for the FPP, Fragola and other performance racing products.

Aeroflow, Aeromotive, Quickcar, and Derale are just some of the brands FPP Speedshop stock, with the range running to hoses, fittings and taps, radiators, fans, gauges, and switches.

Tony McCall reckons there is no-where else to go if you are building a race car that’s only purpose is to win races.




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