It’s not likely we will ever see these vehicles gracing NZ roads and backcountry, but they sure attracted our attention reading their press release. There is not much in the way of detail, but their website makes for interesting reading.

Phantom Adventure is a brand that represents high quality and innovative products in the caravan industry

Their philosophy is to manufacture ultra-lightweight and durable carbon fiber vehicles with sporty lines from the outside and spacious, functional solutions from the inside, using natural eco-friendly materials.

Due to the use of high-tech products and processes, they boast the lowest weight of vehicles on the market. Thanks to the low overall weight, large payloads are provided.

The new, luxurious Phantom Adventure class also boasts outstanding comfort, quality and design features. Phantom Adventure turns classic travel into a true phantom experience

Phantom Adventure is launching a niche market for 4×4 van vehicles that are on the sample market. Research has shown that this market is evolving rapidly, with demand for small off-road vehicles.

Today’s customer demand is extremely high, but we are fully satisfied with our innovative and technological solutions.

  • Base vehicle weight 2,670kg (vehicles on the market exceed 3,050kg)
  • Fresh water tank up to 200L (vehicles on the market up to 110L only)
  • Solar system for supplying lithium batteries up to 360W (vehicles on the market up to 200W)
  • Installation of compact toilets up to 60 uses (manufacturers are installing ordinary cassette toilets with an added water tank on the market, which is extra weight)
  • Real veneer furniture (use of plastics only, foil for furniture production)
  • 1960×140 Cross Bed (first in the group on the VW base chassis)
  • Inside practical accessories, system rails for transporting the engine or wheels inside the vehicle

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